Screenshots from tonights show

As ever, thanks for everyone that tweeted us screenshots from the show… here are a selection of ones we got, you guys rock. We love that you love the show so keep on listening.


Wednesday Night 3way ~ 3/5/13

Things big and small are on the agenda for this week’s Wednesday Night 3way with Kylie Ireland, Raylene and Derrick Pierce. Big WTF topics, a tiny Defending Mankind and a random selection of mayhem and rants… maybe, by listener request, Kylie will even get to finish a story this week.


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Wednesday Night 3way – 2/27/13

Kylie Ireland lines up some awesome news stories and rants from the week; Raylene does radio in her bra and brings us hot news of her drama-filled love life and Derrick Pierce gets witty, looks pretty and Defends Mankind. Listener questions are on the menu and topics may or may not include jealousy and BDSM becoming more acceptable to the general public.


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Wednesday Night 3way – Feb 20th, 2013

Kylie tells stories from her first day back on the set of Vivid’s latest superhero porn movie, Raylene keeps everyone on their toes with her latest love life drama and everyone shares their Valentine’s Day adventures/nightmares. Expect mayhem with the weekly segments; WTF, PornStar News and Derrick will attempt to Defend Mankind. Bonus: This week Kylie, Raylene and Derrick answer questions from Twitter and the blog!

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