The Hosts


Kylie Ireland always knew she wanted to be in radio. She just took a detour through porn to get there.

Pornstar, director, art director, photographer, street artist and dreamer. Multiple award-winning actress, Hall of Fame Inductee and a porn legend. Kylie has an action figure, comic book and an inflatable love doll in her likeness. She designed her own website, toured the world as a feature entertainer, has been the focus of scandal, graced centerfolds of magazines, covers of movies and has even had a billboard on Sunset Blvd.

480+ (but who’s counting?) porn flicks later, life came full circle and she found herself a talk show host for Playboy Radio on Sirius/XM, hosting a variety of shows over the years.

You may have seen her on The Howard Stern Show, Judge Judy, The RuPaul Show, Tales From the Crypt or in 20th Century Fox’s Strange Days.  Kylie has had her voice sampled for movie soundtracks, been in music videos and even done voice overs for Japanese Anime.

So as you can imagine she has a lot to talk about.

Now Kylie brings her feistiness, wit and outrageous experiences along with her love of bad puns to Toad Hop Network where she can be heard weekly on Wednesday evenings from 9-10pm PST along with fellow porn legends Raylene and Derrick Pierce on the Wednesday Night 3way.


Derrick Pierce started his adult career in 2007 at the suggestion of a former girlfriend. He then quickly acclimated himself to the adult biz and became a regular performer for companies such as Vivid, Hustler, Brazzers and Naughty America then later a director and scriptwriter for Wicked, Adam & Eve and Brazzers.

With his shaved head, piercings and tattooed body he soon became the “bad boy” of porn and as such has worked with most of the top female talent in the industry including a stable of penthouse pets.

Due to this reputation & his insatiable appetite for the opposite sex, Kylie Ireland soon dubbed him “the manwhore with a heart”.

Derrick’s broadcasting career began with Kylie at Playboy Radio on Sirius/XM. Genuine, funny & painfully straightforward, Derrick instinctively took to the microphone and has been hooked ever since.


Raylene is a former Vivid Contract star and a legend in the adult industry.  She’s a multi-award winner, a Hall Of Fame actress and in her 18 years in the porn biz has been on the covers of hundreds of movies and nearly every XXX Magazine.

Raylene has appeared in various mainstream movies from American Pie 2 to Domino, has been a guest on The Man Show and Love Line with Dr. Drew. She has been heard on dozens of radio shows including Rover Radio and The Mancow Show. While Raylene is fairly new to radio she showed a natural ability on her first foray, co-hosting Let’s Try Anything with Kylie Ireland for Playboy/Spice Radio on Sirius/XM.



One thought on “The Hosts

  1. I listened to the (3)three of you, and it was good, I think it will continue to succeed. Speak more about your lives you all have great stories to add, and make more funny bits, the three of you click and work good together

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