Pics from tonight’s show

As ever, here are pics from the show… and on a side note, thank you for all the kind tweets you send us during & after we have been on air. Please know that it means so much that you tune in every week & that you find us entertaining.

Kylie, Raylene & D.


3 thoughts on “Pics from tonight’s show

  1. I think my favorite pics are the ones where Kylie arches her one of her eye brows and gives Derrick a look like she really can’t believe he just said that. Or when Raylene is being silly and she’s grinning from ear to ear like she’s having a lot of fun. Derrick is just pretty…His head is nice and shiny in the lights….(yes, I am trying to be funny…is it working? my kids think I’m funny….I think, dammit…at least that’s what they tell me. Now I’m questioning my comedic talents. Great! Just great) Great job guys! We appreciate you!

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