Got Questions? We got answers!

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Question for everyone:

Is there something you have always wanted to ask about porn? Do you have questions about Kylie, Raylene or Derrick? Any stories you want to hear? Or would you like to hear our opinions on anything strange, normal or newsworthy?

If so, PLEASE post any burning questions here in this thread and we will answer them on the radio show!

(Besides, you KNOW how we very rarely, ever, never take phone calls… right? For a reminder:

Looking forward to hearing what you come up with!


5 thoughts on “Got Questions? We got answers!

  1. Not trying to sound prying, but for Raylene or Kylie? How has being in the porn industry affected your personal lives? Or has the strength of your character helped you both keep it on an even keel. I applaud you both for just being you and standing up and doing what makes youchwppy. That isnt easy! A dear friend is in mourning for the loss of country singer Mindy MaCready yesterday. He and his wifes life changed when they both arrived in Nashville at their start, and helped each other. Mindy hit it big, but when that faded the industry and demons were so meqn. And to a wonderful sweet heart, she struggled and eventually lost. I imagine in your industry you see it too. Is it better now than back years ago whn it seemed not? Bless ya both. – Flip

  2. How did you get involved in the adult industry? Was it a lifelong ambition?
    What’s the most common misconception about you?

  3. this is for all 3 of you, but mainly the ladies. lol, sorry derrick. but I wood (pun intended) think guys at shoots would all act like David Spade, no matter who they’re with, BA-BOING! But we’re all human, has there been a shoot where you simply do not get along or like someone but still did the scene? or had to abandon the shoot altogether? for any reason? or on the other side, someone you love to always work with no matter how you feel? I know how I wood (there’s that pun) feel around Raylene n Kylie…again sorry Derrick……numb and in awe n so frikkin nervous! LOVE THE SHOW!

  4. I am sure this has been asked before but since I don’t see it I’ll ask anyway. Plus my mind goes in a million directions most of the time and I come up with stuff that makes my husband roll his eyes. But this question has been discussed at great length between us when the subject came up about sharing: In a committed relationship/married – how does the partner “deal” with a porn star’s work? Work is work, I get that part because you gotta make a living. How does one get to that comfort level being married to a porn star? I’m sure if I had become involved with a former porn star I would be ok – I mean everyone has a past. BUT if you are still an active star how is your partner supposed to “deal with it”? Does it become a deal breaker if your partner wants you to choose a different profession? Maybe it’s just me, I tend to be a prude at times. But I could not see myself sharing my husband with anyone, as a job or a hobby. He finally admitted that he felt the same way once I explained that what is good for the goose is good for the gander – he gets a gal then I get a guy 😉

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