Wednesday Night 3way – 2/13/13

Join the 3way in celebrating Raylene’s Birthday (a day late) and discussing Valentine’s Day (a day early). Director Bryn Pryor (aka Eli Cross) joins Kylie, Raylene and Derrick to discuss Cowboys & Engines, the exciting new project starring Walter Koenig (Star Trek) and Richard Hatch (Battlestar Galactica) that they are all involved in. Of course you will get all the usual doses of Raylene’s drama-filled love life, listen to Kylie rant at an idiot, tackle a Valentine’s Day Defending Mankind plus some funny on-the-set porn stories…

2013-02-13 21.49.16

Kylie’s view left…

2013-02-13 21.49.19

Kylie’s view right…


Raylene looks a bit scared…and the boys seem to be staring at her tits….


And here is the Cowboys & Engines info in case you missed it on the show:






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