Answer Yer Damn Phone!!!


While we LOVE that everyone wants to call into the show and chat with us, we apologize for taking so few calls. Since right now the show is only an hour long there just simply isn’t enough time to fit in calls with all the conversation and segments we do.

When we DO take a call or two we ask that you please have a comment or story pertaining to the topic that is being discussed… not that we don’t appreciate the love that many of you call in with but if we are in the middle of a topic an off-subject call can totally derail the conversation at hand.

We know that some of you who are calling ARE calling about what we are talking about; to you we apologize as well. Without a phone call screener we can’t tell who is calling or what they want to talk about.

If you have questions for us an option might be leaving a comment here on this blog post with your question/comment and we can read or answer it on the air on the upcoming show. You can also tweet us questions to or to our individual twitter accounts listed over here in the righthand column. —>

We too wish the show was longer so we could have more time to take calls. If you agree we encourage you to tweet the powers-that-be at or email them via If enough people tell ToadHopNetwork how much they enjoy the show and wish it was longer perhaps they will give us more time. Then we could dedicate a portion of the show to calls!

In the meantime, please don’t assume that we don’t love hearing from our listeners! We do. It’s simply that with an hour long show there is so little time…and we want to make sure that every minute is entertaining for everyone listening!

Thank you for understanding,

Raylene, Kylie and Derrick

PS Please don’t think that Kylie is a bitch just because she runs the phone lines…she is just trying to keep the show running smoothly and sounding awesome. 🙂





One thought on “Answer Yer Damn Phone!!!

  1. Thanks you guys for explaining the call situation, Kylie is not mean either!! Hopefully we can get 2 hours Your show is great I do have a question for Raylene.. since the Australian has made you squirt as you have said on the show before, have you ever done it on camera in a film If yes what film so I can get it Thanks Andy from Chicago

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