Wed Night 3way – 1/30/13

Here is the link for the Jan 30th show:

While Raylene is away, Kylie and Derrick will play…

With Raylene out of town,  the Wednesday Night 3way becomes a 3way of a different kind as Kylie takes on Derrick Pierce and special guest Andy Appleton. Topics include creationism in Texas, gun control, strollers, geography, BBW’s and what it takes to get on Derrick’s “No List”. Hilarity ensues as Kylie makes the cheating bastards Defend Mankind and it is discovered that all men are stupid.




We LOVE that you screen cap the show & then tweet them to us, here are a selection of ones we got… never stop doing this btw, it’s AWESOME!

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It’s magic!

Once again thank you to EVERYONE for sending in their screencaps from the show last week… this one however has to be our favorite.

It’s from our Twitter friend & follower @TubemanEmporium who managed to capture the moment when Derrick & his glamorous assistant actually make Kylie vanish into thin air!!!


PS & if anyone knows where Kylie actually is can you let us know, she hasn’t been seen since.

Wed Night 3way – 1/23/2013

Kylie, Raylene and Derrick have all just returned from the AVN Awards show (think the Oscars of porn) in fabulous Las Vegas bringing with them a multitude of stories… sexual, funny and beyond. As they say…what happens in Vegas…stays in Vegas!

Kylie and Raylene will make Derrick defend his species in the weekly segment Defending Mankind.

Be prepared for the ongoing saga of Raylene’s love life and join us to discuss and share stories why certain people are attracted to crazy, drama-filled relationships.

LIVE from 9-10pm PST only on ~ Radio Worth Watching!

PS. Don’t forget that if you missed last week’s live show you can listen/watch it by downloading it here:

Congrats to Kylie

We all know that Kylie has won many AVN awards… but now she has a brand new one to add to her stack!

Yes indeed, Kylie won “Best Art Direction” for Star Wars XXX at last weekends AVN’s & no doubt she will talk ALL about it on the show tomorrow. Don’t forget you can watch it right here at:

And if you are luckily she will also talk about the CRAZY aftershow party!!!


PS: Oh & let’s not forget Derrick’s views about Raylene’s train wreck of a love life… that’s always good radio!