The end… or is it?

As many of you who follow this blog & listen to the show you will have realized by now that we haven’t been on air (or online) for a while….

SO just to fill you in, we stopped doing the show a few months ago despite the thousands of listeners we got (& not to mention the 4000 downloads per show) anyway, for the powers that be at toadhop it simply wasn’t enough.

So instead of letting the shows listeners down, Kylie bought a studio mixer, some microphones & now runs her very own weekly podcast along with her husband Andy called Apples & Pairs…. which you can listen to (and download) for free at

So don’t panic, you can still have your weekly BTS porn updates/news & other random stuff coming straight into your ears!



Sadly, the Wednesday Night Threeway will not be live tonight. In order to keep the show going we need to get sponsorship and/or advertising to cover the costs of making the show at the ToadHop Network Studios.Radio-Station

While we are searching for people/companies to advertise/sponsor the show we regret that we won’t be live on the air. However, all our past shows are still available to listen/watch/download so please enjoy them and pass on the word to friends!

Listen here:

If you would like to advertise, or if you know someone who would like to advertise during our show, please feel free to contact Kylie via email at We love you all and thank you for your enthusiasm for us and all the support for the radio show. Hopefully we will be back on the air soon!

Don’t cry…


Unfortunatley this week Kylie, Derrick & Raylene are too busy to do the show… so insert sad face here

“BUT WHY?” we hear you ask, well Kylie is shooting the latest Axel Braun extravaganza in the middle of the desert, Raylene is going back to school & Derrick is, err… well Derrick is banging chicks for money!

SO apologies to ALL our listeners, don’t worry we will be back next week. x

PS: Oh, but there will be a replay, if you don’t wanna wait then click here:

Wednesday Night 3way – 3/27/13

This week on The Wednesday Night 3way Raylene returns from NYC and is Jewish for a few days whilst Kylie wanders the desert and rants about hating Michael Weinstein, the AHF and Measure B. The crew covers everything from gay/lesbian marriage to killing your boyfriend and slow-cooking your wife. Derrick Defends Mankind, talks about lyin’ bitches and they take some intelligent calls.


323-622-8623 ~ If you call in next week…please try not to be a fucktard. Feign intelligence. Have something to talk about.


Listen and watch LIVE Wednesday evening from 9-10pm PST or listen whenever you wish via download or iTunes! ~ Radio Worth Watching!


We’re back!!! Wednesday Night 3way 3/20/13

Two out of three ain’t bad! With Raylene off in the Big Apple, Derrick and Kylie bring in a Big Apple of a different sort – guest co-host Andy Appleton. The trio discusses tragedy on the porn set, wacko news items like Elmo’s meth/sex parties, a man growing a penis on his arm, wedding flashers named Dingle and the Scent of a Zombie. The boys reveal their secrets on Defending Mankind and we take some calls…including an irate ‘lady friend’ of Derrick’s!


323-622-8623 – If you call next time…please try not to be a fucktard. Feign intelligence.


Listen and watch LIVE Wednesday evening from 9-10pm PST or listen whenever you wish via download or iTunes! ~ Radio Worth Watching!